Trade Ideas it is the best real time Stock Scanner focused on US Stock Markets.
If you are a trader on NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX it is tool that you MUST HAVE.
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on Stock Markets
Find you EDGE
Alerts and Filters Windows

Tool that all traders must have. Based on filters and alerts that you can easily customize based on your needs - you get access to powerful trading stock screener working in real time. You get information about specific situation just milliseconds after it happen. This is THE EDGE!
Backtesting - OddsMaker

The OddsMaker in easy way allow you to make a visualization and analysis of your strategy's simulated performance. Thanks to this tool you can see your equity curve for the backtested strategy.

Artificial Intelligence - Holly

Built-in sophisticated strategy based on millions of backtesting. Holly shows you exactly when to enter position, when to close it, profit ratio and many others. If you are new to trading, this can help you to build your own strategy.

Trade Ideas Components
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Trade Ideas Review

Trade Ideas is one of the oldest Stock Screener that you can find online. Moreover it is the best one. Thousands of traders around the world use it during each trading session.

Based on components that are included in Trade Ideas you are quicker, better and more profitable that other traders who uses other screeners mostly with delayed data.

For the price as low as 3$ per day you can get access to this incredible and powerful trading tools. Is it worth? I do think so!

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What is Trade Ideas?

Choose Premium or Standard Trade Ideas. What’s the difference? Check below:

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Hour-of-Power - One to one training with Trade Ideas

If you purchase any Trade Ideas products you will get 1-to-1 training with Trade Ideas Support Member. This way you will learn how to use Trade Ideas, how does it works and what is more important how to use Alerts and Filters to use it with your trading strategies. You can arrange Hour-of-Power training here.

Trade Ideas Alerts

When you start using Trade Ideas Basic or Premium you will learn about Trade Ideas Alerts. There are so many alerts that you can use. At this moment you can browse between more than 300 different Alerts built in Trade Ideas Stock Screener.

Trade Ideas Window Specific Filters

Based on Window Specific Filters you can specify which type of stocks you are looking for. Interested in low floats stocks? No problem - you can find low float filter. Interested only in stocks in price range between 1 to 5$? No problem - you can get it. Interested in stocks with today volume ratio = 300? Here you are. There are more than 250 specific filters in Trade Ideas.

Most used Trade Ideas Alerts

There are some Trade Ideas Alerts that are very popular, especially among day traders. Most of proprietary traders use these Trade Ideas Alerts on daily basis:

Most used Trade Ideas Filters

There are some Trade Ideas Window Specific Filters that are very popular, especially among day traders. Most of proprietary traders use these Trade Ideas Alerts on daily basis:

1. New high
2. New low
3. Pre market movers
4. Post market movers
5. Large bid size
6. Large ask size
7. Crossed daily high resistance
8. Crossed daily low support
9. Large spread
10. Move above open

11. Consolidation
12. High relative volume
13. 1 minute volume spike
14. Strong volume
15. 5 minute high/low
16. Stocktwits activity spike

17. Consolidation breakout
18. Consolidation breakdown

1. Price range
2. Bid/ask ratio
3. Spread
4. Average daily volume
5. Relative volume
6. 1 minute volume
7. Volatility
8. Average true range
9. 5 minute range
10. Gap up

11. Gap down
12. VWAP
13. Range contraction
14. Position in consolidation
15. Float
16. Change from SMA

17. Position in Range
18. Distance from Pivot Point

Examples of Trade Ideas Alerts in Day trading

Below you will find some examples of using Trade Ideas Alerts on US Stock Markets. All of these Trade Ideas Alerts and Filters you are able to download to the cloud and copy to your own Trade Ideas.

1. Trading on Pump and Dump stocks

Wanna find stocks right before it explode? By simple Trade Ideas alerts you are able to find it. Just watch cheap stocks with higher volume ratio than normal.

Read more about: Trading pump and dump stocks.

2. Finding hot stocks to trade

Finding right stocks to trade is the most important thing if you wanna succeed in trading. Finding hot stocks to trade - so stocks with higher profitability of success rate and higher volume / volatility increase your chance to earn on stock market.

Read more about Trade Ideas alerts and filters that you can use to "Find hot stocks to trade".

3. Trading on low float stocks

Low float stocks might move very quickly up on higher than normal volume. You are able to find the moment right before price explode. Here you will find Trade Ideas alerts and filters that I used to find low float stocks right before move.

Find Trade Ideas Alerts and Filters which I use to "Trade low float stocks".

Check Trade Ideas products and start trading today!